What is a VO2 Max Sensor?

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A VO2 max sensor is a device that measures oxygen consumption during exercise. The measurements are based on the user’s age, weight, and gender. The device also measures heart rate, pace, and speed. Unfortunately, the accuracy of optical heart rate sensors is questionable, and bad data can lead to inflated VO2 max readings. Therefore, it is vital to check that the device’s user profile is accurate.

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The device measures VO2 max in cc/min/kg. The difference between exhaled and inhaled air is further refined using a CO2 sensor. This sensor measures the same thing as a physiology lab, but on a much finer scale. The resulting data is sent via BLE as a heart rate reading.

A vo2 max sensorcan help you monitor your overall fitness level and identify early symptoms of respiratory and cardiac disease. The technology is available in wearable devices, such as a fitness tracker or a smartwatch. The most popular fitness trackers use optical heart rate sensors or photoplethysmography to calculate VO2 max.

There are some fitness studios and holistic health clinics that conduct tests using a VO2 max sensor. For example, TriFitLA, a studio gym in Los Angeles, offers VO2 max tests and several other fitness tests. You can find one near you by doing a Google search for VO2 max testing in your area.


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