Laser Fat Removal Near Me

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Getting belly fat laser removal is a fast and painless process. Most of the time, you can return to your daily activities after one treatment. However, you may need more than one treatment if you have stubborn fat areas.

How many pounds is 3 liters of fat?

During the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic. The area will be numb and the fat will be removed. The numbing will last for several minutes.

The next step is to use a special applicator to freeze the fat. The applicator will be cold for a few minutes and it will feel like a sucking or pulling sensation. The fat is then broken down and the body processes it.

After the treatment, the bruising is minimal. You will need a few days to recover. Most clinicians recommend waiting three weeks before you participate in strenuous activities.

It is important to note that laser lipo can work on both fatty tissue and skin. This means that you should not undergo the procedure if you have loose or discolored skin. You should also avoid laser lipo if you have recently had surgery. This is because your skin may be damaged.

If you decide to have the procedure, you should be in good health and close to your ideal weight. The results are expected to be noticeable after about two to six months. You should continue to eat well and exercise to maintain the results.

The cost of laser lipo varies depending on the size of the area that is being treated. Generally, larger areas are more expensive. The cost is not covered by insurance.


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