IGCSE Tutors For English As First Language

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English as First Language IGCSE tutors

IGCSE tutors for English as First Language IGCSE tutors can help your child succeed in this difficult exam. These tutors can help your child understand the course’s requirements and structure. These IGCSE tutors also help students prepare for exams. The four assessment objectives in IGCSE English literature are: detailed knowledge and understanding of literary texts, the ability to recognise the structure of writers’ works, and sensitive personal response to literary texts. Each of these objectives accounts for 25% of the course grade.

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English as First Language is offered at two levels: the Core and the Extended. Core level entry is the final year for the first tier, with the Extended tier introducing more advanced reading tasks. The two tiers are assessed on their reading, writing, and speaking skills. While the Reading paper is the same for both, the questions and the assessment methods are different. A good tutor will have extensive knowledge of both tiers.

For a job as an IGCSE English tutor, you should at least have a high school diploma. Some roles require you to have a bachelor’s degree, so make sure to look at local and online programs that can help you obtain your degree. If you are looking to become an IGCSE English as First Language tutor, you should also research the requirements for a post at a university. A college degree is essential for most English tutor jobs, but you should consider whether or not a high school degree is enough.


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